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Freelancing Tools Every Freelancer Should Have

If you're a newbie to the freelancing world, welcome and if you've been in the game for a while kudos to you. Running a business online is never easy but so many people are successful at it because they have defined clear goals, they work hard and remain focused. For me, I try to be as efficient I can. The more orders I complete the more money I can make and quality is just as important. So I use tools to help me maintain my efficiency. 

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Here are 6 freelancing tools I just cannot live without


1. Grammarly. As a blogger, I need an effective tool to proofread my posts. Grammarly is free but there is a paid version that gives access to premium features. 

2. Google Drive.  As a freelancer, there may come a time when you have to work with another teammate (collaborative working). As you can imagine it will become tedious having to upload, download and exchange documents between teammates. Google Drive allows you create documents and have 2 or more persons working on the same document at the same time. You can track edits, send instant messages to each other, plus other amazing features. 

3.  Andco. As a freelancer, you will be creating and sending your own invoice. I use Andco for my Proposals, Contracts, Invoicing, Expense Tracking, Time Tracking and Task Management needs. Check out this review on Andco.

4.  Wunderlist. This should have been mentioned first because I can't do without this app. I love Wunderlist because it allows me to create my to-do lists and set reminders. The app works on any device and you don't need to be connected to the net to do. Every had an idea on the go and by the time you get home you forget? Yea? That used to happen to me a lot. Now with my Wunderlist app, I create a list called ideas and I add entries daily on the go. 

5. MailChimp.  This free email marketing tool allows you to send out emails to  2,000 subscribers for free. There is, however, a paid version in the event you have more than 2000 subscribers.

6. Social Media. Social media has done great things for my business. I use my social media platforms to showcase my work, share my content, interact with potential buyers and to build my brand. Social media is free so why not use it?