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Entrepreneur Highlight: Team 876 Live

876 live.png

1.    Tell us more about yourself.
876Live: Team 876 is a group of brilliant, talented and youthful Jamaicans who love Jamaica and have a passion for sharing good Jamaican moments with everyone at home and abroad.
2.    How did you get into your skill? 
876Live: Well collectively the team has garnered over 10 years in the call center, customer support, online marketing and social media on top of project management and event planning. Most skills we learn from doing a regular 9-5 and expanded with the advent of research done online.

3.    How do you promote yourself?
876Live: Social media. IG- @876live_official, FB- 876live-Jamaica, Website:

4.    How can we get in touch with you?
 876Live: Skype- Navarone Kimarley, IG- @76live_official, whatsapp: 876-857-8441

5.    Do you have any upcoming projects?

876Live: Yes, we do have private island tours in January. We also have a virtual call center operation that will be launching in 2018. Also, we will be tapping into the agricultural sector so as to offer consumers value for their $ in relation to obtaining fresh farm produces. We also will be showcasing and selling custom painting. In addition, we offer businesses with animated video:

6.    What is your philosophy in life?

876Live: Wow, its all about soul liberation.... seeking the truth... seeking our roots and building a solid foundation for the next generation.

 7.    In your opinion what do you think are the keys to success?
876Live: Having a positive mindset, energy and like-minded team players. Having visionaries and ambitious and loyal team members also. Hard work, perseverance and that never say quit mindset

8.    What made you start your business?

876Live: The need for freedom of time, financial freedom, tired of the regular 9-5 which is a trap, we are all about building the foundation for the future generations.

9.    What blogs and websites do you follow and why?

876Live: Well, we follow Dick Gregory, Malcolm X, Emporer Hailie Selassie, MutaBarukka, Currency, Wiz Khalifa, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. The road to success has many avenues, therefore, we believe every successful person has left clues, bread trails on how to get there. Seek and meditate and you will get the knowledge and also be a success story.