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Entrepreneur Highlight: Suchen Chin


1.    Tell us more about yourself.
Suchen: I am proud full-time mommy to a 'big' (which he would insist that I emphasize) 4 year boy. I'm also a Pharmaceutical Representative by day and a Vlogger on weekends. I consider myself a caring person at heart who is driven by inspiring and making a difference in people's life no matter how small the impact. 
2.    How did you get into your skill? 

Suchen: I have always gotten excited about sharing tips to improve my family and close friends lives. Seeing that I got great joy through serving those around me. I thought why not take it a step further and share with as much people as possible. 

3.    How do you promote yourself?
Suchen: All promotions are done through Facebook and Instagram.

4.    How can we get in touch with you?
Suchen: My business partners and I promote our business through Facebook and Instagram as RenandChinonthemove. You can Email us at  

I am also responsible for the social media advertising for Sugarpot Beach Bar & Restaurant. If you are interested in contacting me through that medium you can always send me a message on Instagram (sugarpotbeach) / Facebook (Sugarpot Beach Bar & Restaurant) or by Email: and ofcourse my personal pages; Facebook (Suchen Chin) / Instagram onlychin_chin. 

5.    Do you have any upcoming projects?

Suchen: I am currently working on a lot of minor projects right now but my primary focus right is RenandChinonthemove and Sugarpot Beach Bar & Restaurant

6.    What is your philosophy in life?

Suchen: My Philosophy in life is summed up in one particular quote.  
"At the end of the day it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished... It's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better. It's about what you've given back." Denzel Washington  

This is my true purpose in life, to make an impact on people's lives regardless of how small.  
7.    In your opinion what do you think are the keys to success?
Suchen: I believe the key to success is to love what you do. To be clear about your goals and to pursue them with passion and enthusiasm. And the final key is to believe that you are capable of achieving them. 
8.    What made you start your business?

Suchen: Sugarpot Beach Bar & Restaurant is a family business so by default I took up the responsibility to do the advertising. As for RenandChinonthemove, Ren and I have been friends from high school and we share similar passions/goals. Seeing that we share similar goals and we believe in inspiring others it was a perfect idea for both of us to start a YouTube channel to achieve this. 

9.    What blogs and websites do you follow and why?

Suchen: There are two website that I currently follow: Goalcast and TonyRobbins. I follow these mainly for inspiration. 


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