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Entrepreneur Highlight: Meet Sade "I Love Sweetness" Campbell


Question: Tell me about yourself

Sade: I am the owner of I LOVE SWEETNESS Coffee Scrubs, an MBA student (writing my dissertation), a full-time employee at an International IT company (Real Estate and Facilities Department) and a TV Show aficionado.

Question: How did you get your skill?

Sade: See number 8

Question: How do you promote yourself

Sade:  I promote my business, what I do. Building a positive presence in “new” media – social media. Have an active social media presence has enabled me to initiate “strong” brand building for my Coffee Scrubs. A part the social media activity involves engaging with current and prospective customers, connecting with people who have interests interest in skin care, organic products and local products (Brand Jamaica). This connection helps me to better understand my customers, to meet their needs – providing them with excellent customer service. 

Question: How can we get in touch with you?

Sade: Website:
IG and Facebook: @ilovesweetness
Twitter: @WeLoveSweetness

Question: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Sade: No upcoming projects at the moment. We will however be attending a number events across the island that are focused on building the local market and driving exposure for young entrepreneurs.  

Question: What is your philosophy in life?

Sade: Never be your own obstacle. Never stop yourself from doing what you want to do, achieving what you want to achieve, only you can ‘hold-back’ you.

Question: In your opinion what are the keys to success?


1.    Understanding that time is the only resource that if lost cannot be regained hence use it wisely. 
2.    Get rid of toxic/negative energy from around you. 
3.    Figure out what you like to do and do it.
4.    Networking is important, brown-nosing isn’t. 
5.    Help others and you will receive help.
6.    Knowing that not everything is about money

Question: What made you start your business?

Sade: I used Coffee grounds to make coffee candles, which lead me to research coffee, all its benefits and uses. I merged the coffee research with my next favourite beauty product - exfoliants. 

I had a love hate relationship with face/body scrubs, they were either too oily or just not right for my skin, if only I could have an exfoliant to use with a soap that already works for me, instead of substituting my regular routine with some oil based product thus the birth of I LOVE SWEETNESS which is a unique scrub – it is dry. Users of our Coffee Scrub can choose to use it with whatever they want to: honey, bar soap, gel soap, aloe vera, water, oils you chose your lather and pair it with I LOVE SWEETNESS. 

Question: What blogs and websites do you follow and why

Sade: Marketing trends and consumer behaviour are important to me, I like to keep up with what is happening in the world, so I follow a lot of business related blogs and websites – Business Insider, Forbes, Bloomberg. My personal twitter account keeps me update day with just about everything: music, movies, tv shows, books, pop culture, fashion. 


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