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Entrepreneur Highlight: Michael Rainford


1.    Tell us more about yourself.
Michael: Wazzup, I'm Michael, a freelance web developer. I gave up the 9 - 5 life about two years ago to pursue my dreams (to eat, sleep, chill and repeat) Lol... In all seriousness, I work for myself as it's something I've always wanted to do. I also have a passion for traveling and exploring our beautiful country in my spare time.
2.    How did you get into your skill? 

Michael: Funny enough I went to University (big up UTech) for four years studying to become a hardcore programmer. The skills I utilize these days (building websites with WordPress) had nothing to do with what I studied at university. 

Most of what I do now (building websites and internet marketing) I learnt on on my own.
3.    How do you promote yourself?
Michael: Word of mouth mostly. I'm highly-rated on freelancing websites which bring in a bunch of my clients. They get excellent work done and share it with others who hire me as well. I also use Facebook ALOT to connect with people that are "big" in the industry. You'd be surprised to see how much you can learn from someone who has done what you're doing

4.    How can we get in touch with you?
Michael: You can reach out to me on my website:
5.    Do you have any upcoming projects?

Michael: Yes, I always have something in the works. I'm working on my own personal project where I review attractions and hotels in Jamaica!

It's an exciting adventure - one that allows me to do what I love best. Travelling!

6.    What is your philosophy in life?

Michael:Great question. I believe in the saying "The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begin With The First Step." I live with that quote even today. If you want something bad enough, you'll get it done. It's easy to get distracted or lose interest, but if you're too quick to give up, one year from now you'll look back and wonder "what if I had continued..."

7.    In your opinion what do you think are the keys to success?
Michael: Motivation and Dedication. You have to be motivated by a need or want (this will be your driving force). You need the dedication to follow through with that.

It's especially hard if you work for yourself. You have to keep on pushing.

I also believe to be truly successful you have to reach out to people that are already successful. I can't count how much connections I have (but it's a lot!). Through these links, I've formed fruitful partnerships.
8.    What made you start your business?

Michael: I got tired of making other people rich. It was time I focused on me and my goals. Ain't gonna say it's easy (in fact I'm a far way from where I want to be). With that said, I'm much happier where I am today.

9.    What blogs and websites do you follow and why?

Michael: Hmm hard question, I don't really follow a particular blog or website, to be honest. But when I need some motivation I listen to Les Brown or Tony Robbins. 

Apart from that, I invest a WHOLE LOT in courses and internet marketing groups which help me to keep on learning something new.


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