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Entrepreneur Highlight: Meet Sabrina Miller


1.    Tell us more about yourself.
Sabrina: I'm a single mom of 4 who is currently vlogging, beauty, Hair, Fashion, and tips videos in hopes that it encourages and inspires others.  Faced a lot of challenges in my life that I felt like I was not going to make it. By the grace of GOD I am here. I want to live every day of my life sharing love and hope with others
2.    How did you get into your skill? 

Sabrina: I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel. Tried a couple of times finally made a decision to just do it

3.    How do you promote yourself?
Sabrina:  Through different social media outlets

4.    How can we get in touch with you?

Snapchat: smlybeinsabrina
IG @simplybeingsabrina

5.    Do you have any upcoming projects?

 Sabrina: I am working on having a blog. Should be ready by next month.

6.    What is your philosophy in life?
Sabrina: I live my life to encourage, educate, inspire, and entertain .
7.    In your opinion what do you think are the keys to success?
Sabrina: Never give up, have a positive prospective.
8.    What made you start your business?

Sabrina: I wanted to make my own hours and make a better life for my family.

9.    What blogs and websites do you follow and why?

Sabrina: I follow different blogs for different things. To many to name. I am always on Pinterest and Youtube


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