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Entrepreneur Highlight: Meet Pettreana

Question: Tell me about yourself


Pettreana: Well my name is Pettreana James formally Ferguson and I consider myself to be a happy go lucky sort of person who loves her family whether blood or otherwise.  Some people think I'm kinda crazy others goofy and or, all the above might be true.  I love animals, hanging out with my friends and having a good time.  I think "FUN" is my middle name! life would be grey without


Question: How did you get your skill?


Pettreana: Most of my skills except the one for Practical nursing is self-taught.  There is this saying that "necessity is author of invention" and that's just me, I need to get something done, have to learn or acquire a skill and oh yeah youtube is the greatest teacher as well.. if you can't find a learning tool there, well it just simply doesn't


Question: How do you promote yourself


Pettreana: Through social media mostly or by word of mouth.


Question: How can we get in touch with you?


Pettreana: You can reach me via email at, via Instagram @wreeltalk_talkthethings


Question: Do you have any upcoming projects?


Pettreana: Yeah, actually working on a couple videos.  One is being released on valentines day which is going to be a fun video and the other on my b-day which might turn into a vlog but we will see.


Question: What is your philosophy in life?


Pettreana: My philosophy in life is, "There is always a way, nothing is impossible"


Question: In your opinion what are the keys to success?


Pettreana: There are 4 in my book.  First of all there's is nothing that you can do without God in it. Secondly self, you have to believe in yourself and also know thy self.  Thirdly drive, you must have the drive to succeed in what ever you are doing and know never to give up! and lastly flexibility.  If you have flexibility what ever challenges come your way, you will know how to adapt and keep it moving.


Question: What made you start your business?


Pettreana: Currently there are two that I have my hand at Youtube and With the youtube, myself and some co-workers were having fun one day and that's how the channel was born and with pethues inspiration came from my wedding.


Question: What blogs and websites do you follow and why 


Pettreana: There's so makeup by Mario,  for makeup tips..I love makeup alot, Jonathan Dabdoub because he's a successful business man, motivated by sue for inspirational quotes, Olivia Palermo that girl has style and many others too numerous to count.