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Entrepreneur Highlight: Meet Nakeshia Brown


Question: Tell me about yourself

Nakeshia: My name is Nakeshia Brown I'm the last child for my mom and first girl for my dad. I grew up spoiled. I love play dress up and I'm a family oriented person.

Question: How did you get your skill?

Nakeshia: I was working with Kier Construction Company on contract. When the contract ended I was home looking a job. It was summer and persons partied almost every night and I had to do their brows or lashes. In the process of getting the brows done, I forgot how stressful I was for 2 minutes and I love that feeling. At that point start researching about makeup artistry and quickly enrolled in a beauty school which was "Face Forward in Orchid Village Plaza, Barbican".
I loved every bit of it.

I completed my studies and passed. 

I remember asking Sharon(owner for face forward) about how to market myself and get client.
She then recommend someone to me. It was a graduation makeup. After completing her makeup I felt proud and happy of how she looked and also how pleased she was. 

Question: How do you promote yourself

Nakeshia:  I promote myself using facebook, instagram, business cards, uniforms with my logo and contact details. I also sell Mary Kay products and through the sales I would tell persons of my work. I got makeup job through the sale of Mary kay.(if anyone want to sell Mary kay I can hook them up)

Question: How can we get in touch with you?

Nakeshia: I'm on facebook and instagram @nakeshiathemakeupbabe Email address & tel 8429282

Question: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Nakeshia: My upcoming project it to complete a beauty room so my beautiful clients can come to be glammed in comfort and style.

Question: What is your philosophy in life?

Nakeshia: When life knock you down, take a minute to learn or understand what its tryin to teach you then embrace changes. Don't sit and die. Stand tall with your chest high and go again. Don't give up

Question: In your opinion what are the keys to success?

Nakeshia: The key to success in my opinion  is having the right persons around you to push & motivate you. Someone who have done it them self and know how it feel. Not someone who is afraid to take risk. Have a mentor. Work, work, work hard so your dream can be a reality and most of all, lime with the right persons who know alot of things (lol) they seems to know someone else who know someone.

Question: What made you start your business?

Nakeshia: I started my business because I don't ever want to be jobless. I also start because I'm crazy and have great passion for makeup artistry.

Question: What blogs and websites do you follow and why

Nakeshia: I follow Joel Osteen for alot of motivations, T.D ministry also for inspiration, I follow Jackie ana, renn vasque, etc for  makeup blog and you my fellow classmate  (motivedbysue) because I love to get the 411 of whats going on from you. I just love it.


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