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Cashmere Wigs: Why Wigs Are My Go To Hairstyles

I've always been sceptical of wearing or getting a wig because I keep thinking it would be dragged off or it would fall off my head but I was recently looking for a protective hairstyle, something that wouldn't put too much pressure on my hair. My hairdresser recommended that I try one of her Cashmere Wigs.  I bought my first one, Keisha, btw I gave all my wigs a name, and I love it . About  6 months later I got my second one, that I call Tiffany and I am now thinking about getting a third one. 

I love wigs because they are so easy to install and it makes getting ready so much easier. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get ready. Now I can be ready in 20 minutes tops. 

Another thing I love about wearing wigs is that it allows me to change my look up every now and then without having to do anything permanent to my real hair. So my hair and scalp stay healthy.  

I also love how realistic these wigs look. I would definitely recommend getting one of these Cashmere Wigs. The lace front wigs actually make it look like the hair is coming out of your scalp and it can be styled in so many ways.  Not to mention that you can apply heat to the hair and if you're feeling for a little colour you can colour or bleach the wig as you would your regular hair.  The cost of the wigs will depend on the length, style and hair type but fall between the price range of $80- $200 USD. Seems like a big cost but if you really look into it, these wigs last for years which makes it a better buy than some of these temporary hairstyles. 

If you are interested in getting one of these Cashmere Wigs, contact my hairdresser here