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Carnival Essentials- A Prep For Carnival Day

Jump up day is right around the corner and whether you are a newbie or a veteran nothing beats being prepared for the best day ever. I remember my first carnival march day like it was yesterday and I was so unprepared and there were a lot of things I wished I did different.  So here are some tips to help you get ready for march day.

The Body Hair Situation

This situation goes for the ladies and some of the men too, get rid of those excessive and embarrassing body hair! Don't wait until the last day either. One thing I remember was being so excited the night before that I could hardly sleep. When I did fall asleep it was about 4 am in the morning so I only had 2 hours of rest and I ended up oversleeping and had to rush in the morning. Rushing and shaving is not a good combination, after all you want your skin in tact and on your body right? So try dealing with all hair removal activities from the night before.

Booking Your Makeup Artiste Ahead Of Time

If you need that extra glam and you haven't secured a booking with a makeup artiste you are in trouble. By this time all makeup artistes are usually booked out. Here are a few persons on Instagram who recently said they had spots available:

Skin Vs. Stockings

This decision is entirely up to you. Stockings are my thing. I feel more comfortable knowing I have stockings on but you may feel different. However, if you do decide to go with stockings I would suggest choosing a shade that is closest  to your skin tone. Nothing too light or too dark.  The Party Experience in Loshushan usually has stockings suitable for carnival.

Charge Up

Make sure you charge up your phones and extra batteries.  Nothing sucks more than having a dead phone and not being able to capture all those memories.  Here are some tips to save your  battery time.

Battery Saving Tips:

  • Reduce the amount of apps running in the background.

  • Turn down the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness.

  • Update all the apps the night before.

  • Turn off the data when not using it.

  • Make sure your bluetooth is off.

  • Use the extra power saving mode if you have it.



The day before you are going to be so excited it may be hard for you to sleep but you have to if you want to have full energy throughout the day.  If you are like me, someone who has trouble sleeping when excited, try these:

  • Avoid caffeine.

  • Try to be active in the day so that you will be exhausted  in the night.

  • Try listening to some relaxing music.

  • Try taking a shower before bed.



Choose comfortable boots. I can’t stress this enough! You will be on your feet for a long time so make sure your boots are comfy.  You can consider adding gel insoles for your boots as well. It is also recommended that you get your boots a half size bigger.


Hope these tips were helpful to you guys. Let me know if i missed any tips. See you on the road !