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Blog Post Checklist- A guide To A Better Blog Post

For some persons, blog writing comes naturally but for some, a little guidance is needed. Here is a simple checklist you can use when creating your posts for your blog.


1. First thing first, know who you writing for. Ask yourself this, who is this post for? What is the number one problem that they are facing? What is my goal for this post? Is it to educate, inspire or motivate?

2. Do some basic keyword research for your post. The keyword should accurately represent the topic and be a top keyword for your industry.

3. Create a headline, one that tells the reader off the bat what the blog post is about. You want to make sure you hook your audience with the first two lines.

4. Write the post. By now you would have identified your keywords, headlines, target audience, now it's time to write your blog post. On average a blog post is at least 300 words and no more than 1000 words. As you write your post, make sure you provide details, facts, takeaways, news, and information that will be valuable to the reader. Don’t use overly complex terminologies that may lose readers.

5. Add images to your blog to support your post. Images help to make your post engaging. You want to make sure the images are the right sizes too. Large images will slow down the site but you want it to be large enough for your readers to see. Include your keyword in image title when saving your images. Make sure your images are royalty free. A few of my favourite sites I like to use to get royalty free images are &

See this post for a list of royalty free image sites.

6. Add links to your blog post. You want to add a combination of relevant links to posts you have published on your site as well as adding relevant external links to other high-quality websites. Please make sure that these links open in a new page. You don't want your readers directed to another post before they finish reading yours.

7. Always add a call to action to your post. What is a call to action? It's basically the action you want your readers to take after reading your post. Do you want them to leave a comment? purchase a product?

8. Once you have finished writing your post, it's time to start proofreading your blog post. You want to remove all grammatical and spelling errors.