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A petition for a mental health day

Last week I had one of the hardest weeks of 2017 and I desperately needed a day off. Unfortunately, the good days never forever and there are some days when you are just not in the mood or don't feel like doing anything. Days like these I can never seem to shake the feeling and the best thing I can do is just sleep or wait for the feeling to pass. Luckily, I am an entrepreneur and I can take the day if I want to but what happens to those people who have a boss to report to? Am I the only person with these off days? What happens if the off day is a day you have to go to work? Do you just go to work and hope for it to get better?

I think we should all be allowed to take a mental health day from work, once per month. It should be something official so we don't feel guilty taking a sick day. We work 5 days out of the week, at least 8 hours per day then by the time we get home after a long day it's time to go to bed and then when the weekend comes before you know it's Monday morning again.  Doing this same routine day in and day out, week after week, month after month must take a toll on our minds and bodies.

Here are some reasons why you should take a mental health day:

You will feel less stressed after.

You will feel less stressed after.

Work can be so stressful at times. If you feel like is work is becoming overwhelming take a day off to release some stress. 


You will be more productive when you return to work. 

You will be more productive when you return to work. 

Have you ever tried working when you are not feeling like it? Doesn't it seem like the work get harder or the work seems impossible. Take a break . I can assure you will be more productive after the rest. 


You can get some well needed rest. 


Sleeps helps to boost your health, mood and removes dark circles below your eyes. If you haven't been getting enough rest, take a day to get some rest. 



You can get to do some of the things you on your to do list. 

to do list

Finally you can get the time to complete some of the tasks you had on your to do list. 


You can focus on you.


Your happiness should be your priority. Focus on yourself and remember happiness and laughter is contagious.


Go on an adventure

Go on adventure

Take a break from the routine and go on an adventure. 



To get inspired. 


Inspiration for me usually flows when I am in a good mood. Take a personal day and write down all the ideas that comes to your head. 


Could you do well with a mental health day one every month? Comment below and let me know what are your thoughts.