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7 Tips To Lose Belly Fat That Will Blow Your Mind!

Nowadays my age isn't the only thing that's increasing :( My Gut is!

Sigh... I love food! Any kind of food in fact, and it is usually the kinds of food that isn't necessarily good for the body. So for 2017 one of my goals is to get in SHAPE and stay in shape.

I started researching online and talking to a few people I know about losing belly fat. Notice I said belly fat and not weight because I love everything else about my body except by puffy tummy. Before I share my tips on losing belly fat let’s look at what causes it in the first place: 

  • Stress
  • Sugary beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Inactivity
  • Not enough sleep
  • Low fibre diets
  • Low protein diets

Here is what I have concluded. Read it, share it, and consider it. 

My Fitness Plan

1. Drink more water. 

Studies have shown that drinking more water will help to flush out the toxins and waste materials in your body. So starting today I will be drinking more water. 

2. Consume less junk food.

NO KFC, NO BURGER KING, and NO JUNK FOOD! Instead I plan to make healthier choices. While I don’t think I could ever become a vegetarian, a little salad here and there can’t hurt. 

3. Walking, Jogging or Exercise. 

I have developed this bad habit of driving almost everywhere. Hype eh! Even if it’s just a couple of steps I and I can’t be bothered to walk. So I jump into my car and I drive. I don’t exercise consistently, so you see the problem right? Exercise is a must, whether it is walking, jogging in the park, or joining a gym. Just do something.  Get a pedometer. Most smartphones have a pedometer app installed on it. Make sure you’re being active daily, doing at least 1000 steps daily.

4.Get enough sleep. 

8 hours of sleep is recommended but if you can’t get 8 hours try and get at least 6 - 7 hrs of sleep.   

5. *Sips Tea* and no I am not referring to any form of gossip.

While every tea has its varied benefits I’m recommending GREEN Tea. Studies have shown that green tea boosts fat burning hormones and speeds up your metabolism.

6. Stop eating late. 

Give your stomach time to digest your food before you slip into lala land. It is suggested that you allow about 3 hours after eating before you go to sleep. Also that the last meal for the day should be small. 

7. Limit soda and carbonated beverage intake.

You know it’s not good for you. Try something more nutritious like orange juice, pineapple juice or fruit infused water. ( Ladiesssss! ) 

Keep track of your progress. I know keeping motivated can be a little difficult and I am sure there are persons out there who are in the same boat I am in. If you are interested in taking on this journey with me shoot me your name and number in the form below and we’ll talk. Let’s embark on this journey together. 

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Stay Healthy!