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52 Week Money Saving Challenge (2019)

52 WEEK money savings challenge.png

2019 is here and with it comes the chance to start fresh and make some changes in our lives. By now you must have your New Year's resolutions on paper and a plan ready to crush this year's goals. I want to urge you, if this is not yet on your list, to save more money in 2019. I know, I know, saving is hard to do but I think if we try hard enough ( hopefully with this 52-week savings challenge) we can try to save something this year.

The 52-Week Money Challenge

The idea is very simple. You'll start by saving $1USD or $100 JMD in the first week of the year (even though the year has already began we can still do this... no excuses), and then gradually increase your savings by $1USD or $100 JMD a week throughout the year. So you save $2USD or $200 JMD in Week 2, then $3 USD or $300 JMD in Week 3, and so on. By the end of the year, if you complete the challenge, you’ll have saved $1,378USD or $137,800 JMD.

52 weeks savings challenge

What would you do with an extra $1,378 USD or $137,800 JMD?