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4 Ways To Use Your Instagram Highlights To Market Your Business

Instagram's Highlight is probably one of my favourite features on Instagram. I've seen brands online use this feature to market their products and services. Add story to the Instagram Highlight, extends the life of the story which is usually from the usual 24-hour timespan to as long as you would like it to be shown on your profile. In this blog post, I highlight 4 amazing ways to use Instagram Highlights to promote your products and services.

4 Ways To Use Your Instagram Highlights To Market Your Business.png

Display Products / Services

You can create a highlight category for your products and services. Whenever you post a product or service on your story you can save it to this collection. Before you know it you'll have a compilation of your products or services you've shared on your stories for your audience to view.

Answer FAQs

If you get questions about your business really often you can consider creating a highlight category to answer your frequently asked questions. This is beneficial because it will save you the time it would take to type out answers for questions you have already answered. You would simply send them to the highlight on your profile.

About Me

Share information about your personal brand or our business

You can let your audience know who are you with a few stories. This is great for persons who may not have a website yet.

Client Reviews

Received a review about your business recently? Great, it's time to share it. Keeping a collection of reviews client's have left about your business can help to build credibility and encourage potential customers to do business with you.