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3 Instagram Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Struggling with your Instagram account? Not getting the results you want? You're probably making one of or all three of these Instagram mistakes. Keep reading to learn more about the three common Instagram mistakes and how to correct them.

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Personally, I think a private page is a turn-off, unless this is your personal page and if it is then you definitely need to separate your personal page from your business page. Consider your Instagram profile like the window of your virtual store. Your customers or audience want to be able to see the types of products you're selling, get an idea of what you’re about without having to contact you. People want to be able to draw their own conclusion about you without having to communicate with you. If they’re interested they’ll proceed to send you a direct message or an email about your service. A private page prevents your potential audience from getting the information they need. I personally don't want to be forced to follow someone just to get information and I'm sure many persons share the same view.


It doesn't matter if you only have 20 followers or 20k followers, setting time aside to answer as many comments as you can is key. No one likes to be ignored and your audience/ followers will definitely appreciate your reply.


Consistency is important when trying to build on social media especially on Instagram. Being consistent with your content says you are very knowledgeable in your niche. On the other hand being repetitive can be very harmful. Don't create the same content over and over or only talk about the same things constantly. Your audience will eventually become bored and they may end up unfollowing you. Try to provide value at all times. Listen to your audience when they make suggestions or ask questions in the comments. Pay attention to your statistics so you can have an idea of the type of content your audience likes to see the most.

Have a question, comment below. I’m thinking of creating an Instagram guide for business accounts. Should I? Let me know below.