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Tips For Designing Your First Home Office

One of the things I had on my vision board this year was to dedicate an area in my home for my official home office. When I first tarted working online I had no official office to work from but my regular seat in front of the television. As time progressed I realized that I could have been getting more done, be less distracted if I had a home office, an area dedicated to getting my work done.

After a few hours on Pinterest, I arrived of an idea of what I wanted my home office to look like. Check out my video below to see how my home office came to life.

Spacing was the biggest problem for me. I didn't have much space to have all the things I really wanted so I decided to go with a simple office look. The table and shelves were purchased online. Links to the floating table and shelves set can be found below.


3 Tips For Designing Your Very Own Home Office

It's all about the location.

Choose an area in the home that will make you feel inspired and a place where you would like to go every day. It would be best to choose an area that has good natural lighting. I also made sure to choose an area with a great view of the outdoors.

Desk and Chair

The desk and chair will be the most important items in your office. You want to select a desk that is nice in design but big enough to hold your laptop or any other stationery or equipment you'll need to use in your office daily. Similarly, you want to choose a chair that is comfortable enough for the bum and has the right support for your back.

Don't forget to add a touch of your personality!

Do what you can to make this office space yours. What colour scheme are you looking for? What about accessories for your office? How about a nice painting or a miniature plant? Think about all the things you can add to your office space to make it more you.

Let me know you have any tips that you would like me to add below.