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Proofreading Tips

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Proofreading means examining your text carefully and find correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. 

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Proofreading Tips

  • If you've just finished writing the text you'll probably need time to start proofreading your work. If it's still familiar to you there's a chance you'll miss a few errors. Take a break before proofreading.

  • You can use apps like Grammarly to help with proofreading the document.

  • Find a quiet place to work and proofread your document without distractions.

  • You can work from a printout and not a computer screen.

  • Read out loud.

  • Read it backwards to focus on spelling.

  • Have others read it.

  • Read one sentence and paragraph at a time.

  • Reread your changes.