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20 questions with Sue-Tanya

20 questions with sue-tanya

1. How long have you been blogging for?
Since December 2016.

2. What are some of the challenges you've faced on your entrepreneurial journey?
You have to constantly be proving yourself. You have to develop a thick skin. You have to learn how to take criticisms and know that the  customer is ALWAYS RIGHT… even when…... do you balance social life and relationships while being an entrepreneur, blogging, traveling and working? 
I just do it. They are all something that is important to me so I just make it work. I just develop a schedule and try to be disciplined.

4. One random fact about you.
I used to be a dancer. 

5. What in your opinion are some of the indicators that tell when a relationship is heading down hill? 

Constant lying and not having time for each other. 

6. You see yourself getting married? How many kids? 
But of course. No more than 2. I hate odd numbers and 4 just seems like a lot!

7. What's your ideal type of guy?
I am still trying to figure out my type or ideal guy. 

8. What motivates you and why?
Winning and achieving goals.

9. Who is your role model and why? 
My mother. She is my superhero. I am who I am now because of her. 

10. What do you like doing the most for relaxation?
Going for a drive out of town or going to the beach.

11. Who is your favourite author ?
Stephanie Myers, Emily Bronte, Napoleon Hill. 

12 . What is your favourite read?
Who Moved My Cheese? , Twilight and Wuthering  Heights. 

13. Give us three words others would use to describe you.
Hardworking, motivated, funny. 

14. What’s your favourite spot in your home and why?
My bed (:

15. Dogs or cats?
Both. I have both.

16. What’s your favourite smell?

17. If money was no object and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
The Maldives… It looks so pretty in pictures. 

18. Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent?
Funniest :)

19. What app can't you live without?
Sigh… Instagram.

20. What's your favorite cocktail?

A Mojito