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15 Best Look Hairstyles for Fall 2018

Fall is just around the corner. Once it was months ahead, but now, it quickly creeps up on us. And today, it just makes us realize that what was trendy last summer is already over.  

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Well, that does not have to disappoint you. Instead of weeping over the seasonal changes, accept it and treat yourself to something new like a haircut.  

In the event that you are uncertain what haircut suits you best, we’ve got your back. Check out these latest cut trends for Fall 2018.

1. Fake Bangs

Don’t you like the idea of having real bangs? Fret not. It's very easy to fake one for a glamorous night. Simply flip over a section of your hair from the back of your hair and tie the rest up in a bun. Use some Bobby pins to be sure it holds.

2. Faux Perms

Yes, perms are back. To create these bouncy curls, you only need a curling iron. In less than a minute, you should be able to create an ‘80s inspired look that will surely turn heads.

3. Hair Pony

When you want to beat the humidity, you can easily sport a high pony. Just tie your hair up with a hair tie and use a hair spray for a strong hold. With this hairstyle, excessive heat won’t stand a chance.

4. Hair Accessories

Level up your hairstyle with some hair accessories. Clip your hair with a fancy pin or wear a pretty barrette behind your hair. Either of these two accessories will truly make a chic impact.

5. Retro Curls

Go back to the Old Hollywood era with glamorous retro curls. To achieve this look, simply apply a volumizing mousse to your damp hair. Then, blow dry your hair and wrap it up in rollers when it is almost dry. Once your hair dries completely, remove the rollers and gently brush through the strands to create a voluminous and polished look.

6. Spiky Pixie

Katy Perry has been slaying a punk vibe with her spiky pixie hair style. Use your fingers to apply a dab of gel through your tresses. Pull up a few sections up in various directions to create that spiky effect.

7. Glossy Strands

This Fall, the limelight is on healthy, shiny locks. To achieve that, you might need to use a nourishing leave-in conditioner like O So Wow Detangle Primer.

8. Smooth and Straight

Smooth and straight hair is one of the trendy hairstyles this year. Fortunately, it’s so easy to create this look. Tuck your hair behind your ears to show off your collarbone and face. That's pretty much it.

9. Sleek Ponytails

The next time you miss your alarm, just tie your hair into a low ponytail. All you have to do is smoothen the top half of your hair and pull it back. Now, you have a sleek updo.

10. The Lob

The lob is a blunt cut that has limited layers. And the best thing about it is that it can be worn in many ways. It's an effortless style that has added texture because of the subtle yet messy hairdo.

11. Headbands

When was the last time you wore a headband? Way back in middle school? During your pre-school days? This 2018, it is making a comeback. Thanks to its many colors and designs, it can be matched to any outfit. It also keeps the hair away from the face.

12. Two-Toned Blonde

Many celebrities celebrated this year with beautiful blonde locks. Of course, you can do the same, but if you are not ready to abandon your original hair color, keep your roots dark underneath and ask your hairstylist to color the top with a bright hue.

13. Almost-There Waves

You need not spend hours to tame your hair. Almost-there waves are in and they’re easy to achieve. Use a flat iron to create subtle waves all over by twisting it as you pull through your strands.  

14. Air-Dried Hair

Ditch your hair dryer for a pretty, natural hairdo. This season, natural textures will be a big hit. You just need to use natural hair care products that are formulated for air-dry perfection.

15. Braids

Braids are a year-round trend, but this fall, it’s especially stylish and chic. You may opt for pigtail or French braids because they are easy to manage and require low-maintenance.

While the temperature is going down, these 15 hairstyles are on the rise. Thanks to runway shows and personalities in the red carpet, these flattering hair trends become worth trying.


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Jacque is a digital marketing guru, the founder of Cebu Digital Link and saw the need to find natural solutions to our hair care problems. So, together with the team at Osensia, they continually create and introduce luxurious yet all-natural hair care products that renew, replenish, revive, and repair the hair. Check out Osensia's blog and Follow Osensia on Twitter and Facebook  to check out latest her hair care tips and advice.