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10 Ways To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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We all have comfort zones, However, if you really want to be successful and live a full life you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone a few times.  Accomplishing great things require hard work and a little discomfort. For example, getting that dream job won't be easy. It's going to require you to work hard to first have the job requirements and then for you to apply for the job and then to go on a nerve wrecking interview where you tell a complete stranger why they should hire you over someone else.  Success is never just handed to someone and the sooner you realize that you have come out of your comfort zone the sooner you will be on your way to living a happier, meaningful life. 

Here are 10 things you can do to break out of your comfort zone

1. Perform some sort of public speaking.  Public speaking is usually a fear of many. I remember being really shy during my college years. One semester we had public speaking and I hated it but I knew I had to pass the course to move on to the next semester. After a couple of weeks in the class, I began to enjoy it and my nerves started to go away.  

2. Learn something new. I believe a big part of staying in comfort zones is the lack of knowledge. It always makes me nervous when I don't know how to do a particular thing especially if it has to do with work and my ability to get the job done. I also hate admitting that I don't know.  However, the minute you learn how to do that same thing you didn't know how to do before gives off an empowering feeling and makes you want to learn and we already know knowledge is power. 

3. Smile at a complete stranger. Something magic usually happens.  You'll feel good inside and the person usually smiles back. Notice I said USUALLY. 

4. Change up your look. Switch it up a bit. Try rocking a new hairstyle or changing up the wardrobe.  I'm always experimenting with my hairstyles. The hairstyles don't always suit me but it surely gives me confidence. Now, when people tell me what they think about my hairstyle, it no longer phases me because I have changed it so often and I have gotten over the fear.

5. Compliment someone you are intimidated by. Just try it. Go up to them and compliment them. 

6. Take a different route to work. Try breaking out of the everyday routines. Try taking a different route from  or to work. It's time to experience new things. 

7.  Try a dish you have never tried before but always wanted to try. You ever go to a restaurant, looked on the menu and still selected the thing you always get. For me that's pasta but I can tell you this, there are so many amazing dishes out there waiting for you to dig in. 

8. Say no to something you don’t like to do but often do out of guilt. Don't explain why just say no. 

9. Ask someone on a date who you think is out of your league. The worst they can say is not but what if they say Yes. Can you imagine how empowering it will feel?

10. Sing at a Karaoke. This is the best one yet. You may need a some liquid courage first but singing infront of a crowd is one of the best ways to let go and step outside of your comfort zone.