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10 common misconceptions about me


Misconceptions... we all have them, even for the people we know very well. I'm guilty. I was inspired to write a post like this because I'm often misconceived because I am a woman, because of the things that interest me, because of the things I talk about, because of the things I don't talk about, because of the color of my skin and because of my nationality.

Here are a few things I would like to kick to the curb.

I work for free. 

I love helping people, I do but no I can't work for free. It baffles me why some people get mad at me when they ask me to do a task and I start to quote a price. Friends are not exempted either.  We could be besties from kindergarten, no free work. A girl has to eat right ?


i'm a jamaican so i look like this.



I say " Ye Mon" at the end of every sentence and i'm high off weed 

giphy (5).gif


I'm self centered

I am not self centered. I'm invested in myself and I believe in myself because no one will believe in me like I will. I value me. That's different from being self centered.


I don't do relationships

I don't avoid relationship and it's not that I am not interested in one. I just hate the idea of wasting my time getting to know someone, like someone and then it ends. I am very picky now  and I rather to take my time to get to know people and choose the right person for me.  


I'm an entrepreneur so i'm WEALTHY

I am not in the wealthy category yet. I am trying entrepreneur and blogger and for the most part I am comfortable. Not wealthy. 


I want to be the man in the relationship

DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!! I want to be treated like a lady. I want the man to open the door for me, buy me roses and pull out the chair for me but I don't want to be babied. I want to be able to cover own my bills and if I need help he can assist. I don't want a man to be my parent and I definitely don't want to get into the habit of depending on a man for everything but I would never belittle a man or try to assume his role. The man should know he is the man but I also got me too.  I see relationships as more of a partnership, two wholes coming together to make an unstoppable force.


I'm stuck up

I am only quiet when I don't particularly know someone. When I am comfortable it's a whole other ball game but when I don't know someone I try to be quiet and observe and get to know so I don't do anything to offend anyone. 


I overthink things too much

I like to be prepared. What's wrong with that? I like elements of surprise too but I just like to prepare so I plan. 


I have an attitude or i'm miserable



I'm all work and no fun

There is a time and place for both. When I am in work mode I really go HAM but when it comes to fun....

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