About Sue-Tanya McHorgh 


By the age of 17 I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur and a very good one too. I decided I needed the papers to go with it so I enrolled in college to start my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. College was difficult, nevertheless, I kept pushing.

Times got hard and I had to find a job to help me pay for my tuition. Getting a job also meant I would have to work twice as hard, working in the days, going to classes in the evenings and sometimes weekends. This wasn’t what I thought my college years would be like but I had to stick it out. I was almost at my goal. 

I then got introduced to the online world after I got laid off from my job. I was broke and I needed the money to finish college. Finally, I got my break. I began freelancing online, offering my skills to a number of clients. Surprisingly they loved my work and my confidence grew with each positive feedback I received. I was doing it! I was running my own little business online and I loved it. I became content and pleased with the person I saw in the mirror and started to develop an obsession with becoming better than the present version of myself. 

So let me introduce myself. My name is Sue-Tanya McHorgh  and I am a highly skilled Virtual Assistant and Web Designer. I specialize in Virtual assistant, transcribing, story writing, website building and video editing services.

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10 by 35 Bucket List

IMG_0932_burned (1).png
  1. Own a home
  2. Visit Paris
  3. Speak at a conference
  4. Create multiple streams of income -done
  5. Write a book to motivate young women
  6. Take care of my body -Doing
  7. Visit Dubai
  8. Visit the Maldives
  9. Swim with dolphins  - done
  10. Skydive


10 Things About Me

1. I have a clothing store- www.suetysboutique.com
2. I like making people laugh.
3. I LOVE music.
4. I'm a gemini.
5. Twilight is my favourite movie.
6. I am very passionate about dancing. I have been dancing since the age of 3.
7. I have an insane obsession with  black and white striped clothing, the sea, the colour purple and Drake.
8. I love animals. I once wanted to be a veterinarian. 
9. If I didn’t have self control, I would spend way too much money on clothing.
10. I love scary movies.